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  • Shanghai Maglev Train connecting the Pudong Airport with the city by Andreas Krebs via Wikimedia Commons

    Riding the Rails in China

    China operates more miles of dedicated high-speed rail lines than the rest of the world, combined. And while California dithers about its 500-mile project, hoping to complete [...]
  • Hartford Line train heading southbound through Hartford Union Station on opening day, June 16, 2018 by Jehochman from Wikimedia Commons

    Connecticut Commuter Line Opens

    The new commuter rail system linking New Haven with Hartford and Springfield, Massachusetts, opened June 18. The service will feature 17 daily trains in each direction [...]
  • JFK Airport AirTrain in New York

    Airport by Rail in North America

    NOTE: This is the first installment of what we intend to become a worldwide reference on rail-airport links. Although slow to start, airports in the U.S. are catching up with [...]
  • Two RhB ABe 4/4III multiple units with a Bernina Express train on the Bernina line, passing Lago Bianco by Kabelleger / David Gubler via Wikimedia Commons

    Riding the Rails in Switzerland

    Switzerland enjoys one of the densest rail systems in the world: It’s hard to find a place so remote that trains don’t go there, although there are a few. [...]
  • BART train westbound in West Oakland by Pi.1415926535 from Wikimedia Commons

    BART Extension Rolls

    BART’s extension to Antioch from the previous terminal at the Pittsburg/Bay Point station has officially opened in California’s San Francisco Bay Area. The new [...]
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Stiff Amtrak Baggage Fees? Fuhgeddaboudit!

by editor in DESTINATIONS

“Amtrak copies airlines, adds baggage fees,” or less accurately, “adds luggage fees.” You may have seen such scare headlines in your newspaper, [...]


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