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  • Shanghai Maglev Train connecting the Pudong Airport with the city by Andreas Krebs via Wikimedia Commons

    Riding the Rails in China

    China operates more miles of dedicated high-speed rail lines than the rest of the world, combined. And while California dithers about its 500-mile project, hoping to complete [...]
  • #1271 climbing the Opapa incline

    New Zealand Rail Passes

    New Zealand’s KiwiRail passenger system targets visitors with three trains operated mainly for their scenic values rather than as routine transportation. All three [...]
  • Euston Station, London by Richard Rogerson via Wikimedia Commons

    UK News: Euston Station Closures

    If you plan on using the British Railways West Coast Main Line this fall, be aware that its primary London terminal, Euston Station, will be closed to train traffic on three [...]
  • Kurobe Gorge Railway by Hiroyuki Mori from Nishinomiya, Japan via Wikimedia Commons

    Riding the Rails in Japan

    Most visitors traveling around Japan plan on using the country’s extensive railway system. Japan built the world’s first dedicated high-speed rail line, between [...]
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Amtrak Deal Bulletin – Oct. 9

by editor in DEALS

General Conditions: Except where noted, all Amtrak promotions apply to coach travel only; discounts apply to full-fare tickets and can’t be combined with other [...]


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