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Coming Soon – Montreal Amtrak Preclearance

Canadian Customs

Legislation just introduced into the Canadian Parliament will provide for U.S. customs and immigration preclearance for train travelers at the Montreal Central station. This would be similar to the preclearance already available at Vancouver’s Pacific Central station for travelers on Amtrak’s Cascades and at major Canadian airports. It would allow Amtrak’s Adirondack to eliminate the hour-plus stops for customs at Rouse’s Point, New York, and Lacolle, Quebec. As far as I can tell, the legislation does not face any opposition, so it is likely to pass quickly.

Toronto preclearance is not feasible on the only other transborder train, the Maple Leaf between New York and Toronto, because it makes five Canadian stops before arriving in Toronto. Moreover, FYI, the legislation adds preclearance at the Jean Lesage Airport in Quebec City and the Billy Bishop Airport in Toronto.

Ed Perkins, editor

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1 Comment on Coming Soon – Montreal Amtrak Preclearance

  1. I have heard those “arguments” about inability to operate a sealed train because of multiple stops on the Ontario side, they are incorrect.

    There is absolutely no reason Toronto can’t have pre-clearance.

    The American side of the Adirondack’s NY-QC route has far more stops than the Maple Leaf’s Ontario side. If New York with its multiple stops can have pre-clearance into Canada then so can Ontario into the U.S.

    Also, not all passengers on the train are going across the border, so the solution is quite simple:

    Persons crossing border are assigned to specific cars and then those cars are sealed from the rest of the train after pre-clearance & leaving Toronto.


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