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Rail News for Sep. 8 – Flushing Line Extension

Edmonton Light Rail, British Railway Openings

R188 train 7 line en route to Times Square R188 train 7 line en route to Times Square - AEMoreira042281

The biggest news this week is that the long-awaited extension of New York’s No. 7 Flushing line will open next weekend, Sept. 13. The extension runs from the current terminal at Times Square 42nd street to a new station at 34th street and 11th Avenue, adjacent to the Javits Convention Center. All No. 7 trains will originate and terminate at the new station, which will provide for more efficient operations than the current terminal.

Other Rail News:

Edmonton opened northward extension of its light rail transit line from the city center to Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.

British railways openings:

  • Former Waverly line partial reopening from Edinburgh to Tweedbank, service started last week.
  •  Former abandoned line will open in October from Oxford Parkway (North Oxford) to Bicester, with through service to London/Marlybone.

Neither is especially important for overseas visitors. The Waverly line will serve mainly as a commuter system, and the Oxford line won’t be of much interest to visitors until it is completed from the remote North Oxford station to the central Oxford station sometime next year.

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