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France Expands Low-Cost High-Speed Ouigo

TGV Ouigo at Nimes TGV train station by Kerry Parker TGV Ouigo at Nimes TGV train station by Kerry Parker from Leeds, England via Wikimedia Commons

As of Dec. 13, SNCF has extended its network of Ouigo low-cost TGV services to Tourcoing, Nantes, Rennes, Le Mans, Angers, TGV Haute Picardie, Roissy Aéroport CDG 2 and Massy TGV. Travelers arriving at DeGaulle can now catch at least a few Ouigo trains without having to schlep to Marne-le-Valee/Disneyland. But travelers from London on the Eurostar Chunnel train can’t transfer to Ouigo at Lille/Europe; Ouigo serves Lille only through Tourcoing, about 15 miles distant.

Although Ouigo uses the same basic trainsets as conventional TGVs, it does not offer first or comfort class. But standard fares are very low, starting at 10 euros on all routes. Unfortunately, RailEurope doesn’t sell Ouigo or show its schedules: You have to go to

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